The "Joey's Strain" Campaign is driven and focused on the continuous support of the community. The Joey's Strain MedTainer  symbolizes the new faces of autism. Help us spread awareness towards a very worthy cause.  UF4A.ORG is an informational website











The UF4A Survey

Target: Persons on the autism spectrum ages 6 years of age and older, currently or interested in using cannabis as a safe and effective medication to treat autism.  

To participate in our online Survey for The Unconventional Foundation for Autism or questions regarding our survey, please email

We think at UF4A collectively providing the most accurate information to medical professionals for research purposes will pave the way for clinical trials for unconventional treatments. We seek to solidify and further the fundamental understanding we have in regards to the effectiveness of cannabis alleviating symptoms along the autism spectrum. The information collected will be used to further guide new patients, doctors and lawmakers in making informed and proper decisions for themselves and our community.

This survey was compiled and supervised by medical and legal professionals in our UF4A "Think Tank". 

For more information & direct link to UF4A Survey 

Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director of The National Orgaization for the Reform of MArijuana Laws (NORML) backs UF4A Survey

MAPS Mutlidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, lends a hand in the UF4A Survey in June Newsletter


Kevin McKernan – Sequencing the cannabis genome at CPHx 2012 - Copenhagenomics 2012 Discussing Joey 11:17

Sharing genomics expertise • June 14-15, 2012